• Do I need to purchase a seperate cellular data plan? As part of your AirSync subscription, AirSync comes included with the cellular data plan. You do NOT need to purchase a seperate cellular data plan for AirSync to work.
  • Is AirSync compatible with my FlightStream 510 SD Card? Yes, AirSync can be used along side the FlightStream 510. AirSync is installed in the top slot of MDF and the FlightStream 510 is installed in the bottom slot of the MDF.
  • Does AirSync need to be professionally installed in my aircraft? No, AirSync is designed to be owner "installed" in an aircraft. This is possible because AirSync is designed as an non-premanent installation. The installation is as simple as plugging the AirSync SD Card into the MDF and the AirSync Bridge into a USB power outlet a or a 12V outlet with a cigarette lighter adapter.
  • Does AirSync work anywhere in the world? AirSync works in most of North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Service is also available in some portions of Africa.
  • I don't have a spare USB power outlet in my plane. What kind of cigarette lighter adapter do I need? We recommend cigarette lighter adapters that supply at least 2A per power port. We have verified, the following two adapters available on Amazon both work great.
  • I don't see my aircraft listed as supported by AirSync. Can I still get AirSync for my aircraft? We are continually adding support for new aircraft to AirSync. If we don't current have support advertised for your aircraft, please contact us at sales@air-sync.com to let us know what platform you are flying.
  • What warranty does AirSync come with? The AirSync hardware comes with a 1 year limited warranty covering workmanship and manufacturing defects.
  • Can I upload my previous flights into AirSync? Yes, you can drag and drop all of your previous flights for your aircraft under the "Settings" page for your tail number. These flights will be processed and available for viewing within 24 hours of upload.
  • Why do I keep getting logged out of the AirSync App? The AirSync app allows users to be logged in simultaneously from two devices. If you connect from a third device you will be logged out from another device.